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Lake Ontario Championship Series
Division II

Congratulations to our 2020 Lake Ontario Division II Champion!!!

1st Place
Captain Matt LeClair
Team Oh Baby


Congratulations to our 2019 Lake Ontario Division II Champion!!!

1st Place
Captain Ed Monette
Team Cannonball Runner


Congratulations to our 2018 Lake Ontario Division II Champion!!!

1st Place
Captain Tony Chatt
Team 5 More Minutes


Which team will be THE BEST this year? Who can balance skill, knowledge, ego and maybe add in some luck? The Lake Ontario Championship Series is designed to reward the most consistent fishing team on Lake Ontario, including the Canadian waters. The winning team will be considered the most consistent team on the Lake that year!

GLSE has created an annual competitive event for all Lake Ontario anglers to participate in. LOCS is the premiere championship series event for all of Lake Ontario.

In 2020, GLSE will track all scores from the events listed and tally those scores as the season goes. We will use the top 3 scores from all events fished to determine the winner.

The LOCS puts emphasis on all major events held in Canada and the USA.

There will be no entry or fees required for DII. You are automatically entered upon competing in one of the listed tournaments.

Division II Defined...

  • There are no requirements or limitations on who qualifies. The event is free and we track all scores.
  • Recreational and charter boats are treated equally.

  • There is no second chance in DII.

  • Entry Fee: FREE

    Awards: Sponsored by Dreamweaver Lures and FishUSA

    Overall Winner: $300 cash plus $500 in sponsor coupons from FishUSA and Dreamweaver Lures
    Runner Up: $200.00 check and $200 in sponsor prizes from FishUSA and Dreamweaver Lures

  • Winner will also reveive a BIG championships series check.
    (GLSE reserves the right to use the winning team pictures and related press for further promotion of the LOCS)

The Rules...

Download a copy of the rules - Click Here

  • 1. Teams are entered automatically when they enter that tournament. No entry or fees required.
  • 2. There is no limit on events that teams can fish. GLSE will pick that teams best (3) finishes that season to determine the winner.
  • 3. Teams can enter all divisions if they choose.
  • 4. Team scores will be updated within a reasonable amount of time after each event.
  • 5. Boats and team mates can vary.
  • 6. There will be 1 overall winner and one runner up winner for each division II race. A team can possibly win both DI and DII.
  • 7. LOCS will use all posted tournament scores that are determined to be final.
  • 8. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the team that entered the least amount of events overall. If that still does not determine the overall winner, then we will honor each as co-champions for that year.
  • 9. All teams are required to abide by the tournament rules that they are participating in.
  • 10. Any captains or teams that were disqualified from any events (qualifying or non-qualifying tournaments) during the year for reasons including, but not limited to cheating, will be reviewed for possible disqualification from the LOCS. No refunds will be given if disqualified.
  • 11. All participants in the LOCS acknowledge, when entering, that they will hold harmless all officers, directors, sponsors and affiliates of the LOCS/GLSE.
  • 12. All participants, when accepting prizes or checks, are agreeing to allow the GLSE to use any press, video, and/or photographs to promote the LOCS.
  • 13. W-9's and 1099 forms (or equivalents) are required by law for US and CND teams.

Great Lakes Special Events

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