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I am reversing my blog starting on 5.4.18 and after the spring KOTL-scroll down if you want to read any pre 5/4/18 information...

2/8/20: 2020 is here and we have some exciting changes for this year. First, we will be adding a Canadian Championship series which will be identical to the DI but it will be geared to the main 4 Canadian events plus the Wilson Harbor Invitational. Since the WHI has torn down the barrier rule, we expect more teams from Canada to participate. A minumum of (5) teams will be needed to constitute the year's event. If (5) teams do not enter by the 3rd event listed, a full refund will be given back to those teams who entered.

The second big change will be in DII. No entry or entry fee will be required. GLSE will track those tournaments listed and calculate the scores after each event. We will automatically pick your best 3 scores from the year's events and determine the winner. Winners will receive a check and sponsor prizes as identified in the home page tournament section. We will have a Canadian DII also with the same payout.

9/23/19: Congratulations to DI winner: Team Screamer and DII winner: Team Cannonball Runner Both teams were consistent in 2019 and deserving of their perspective titles. The runner up in DI was Team Finders Keepers and DI, Team Warship. Thank you to all for participating in the GLSE overall Championship.

8/5/19: We are winding down the tourney season and after the August King of Kings, we find Royal Flush in 1st place of DII and SCREAMER in 1st in DI. However, its still anyone's game with a few DII events left and a couple in DI. To date, Team Vision Quest has bought into their one and only second chance. They will use the Fall KOTL to see if they coule pull off a 3 Pete.Next on the tournament trail is the A-TOM-MIK Invitational.

1/27/19: This will be year three for the GLSE Championship Series. Last year, we saw increased perticipation in DI but did not have good participation at the new DII category. In 2019, DI will remain the same with the only exception being the guaranteed payout. In 2019, DI: GLSE will guarantee $1,000 to the winner in addition to the advertised 70/30 payout structure. DII will be guaranteed a check $500 plus a minumum of $500 in sponsor product. The DII runner up will receive a minumum of $300.00 in sponsor product and a $200.00 check. There will be no entry fees for DII in 2019 and teams can pick 5 events(was 4 in 2018)with using their best 3.

9/21/18: The Final Lake O tourney concluded Labor Day weekend. The annual Fall KOTL event was going to decide who the 2nd annual DI winner was going to be. There was a lot on the line as Team VQ , which led DI most of the season, chose not to use their "second chance" and make Silver Junkies earn a good placement to knock them out. Wild Card? Team A-TOM-MIK, last years runner up, could also sneak into 1st if Silver Junkies had a tough event and Team VQ used that second chance and flopped.... Well, it was over on day one of the KOTL ! Silver J had a very tough day one which allowed Team VQ to maintain 1st and earn the win. It was made official on day 2 when Team VQ finished 5th and Junkies 23rd out of 34. Congratulations to Team Vision Quest for repeating as the GLSE overall DI champion and to Team A-TOM-MIK for finishing in the runner up position again in 2018.

9/1/18: The Fair Haven concluded and all (3) of the DII teams used that event. 5 More Minutes earned 96 points plus 1 additional placement point for their strong finish which earned them the DII overall winner plus $2,500. GSLE will meet up with the always consistent, competitive and talented Tony Chatt to hand him his winnings ! Congrats 5 More Minutes. Team Warship was in the runner up position.

8/15/18: Tom Allen's A-TOM-MIK Invitational concluded and the winner was Seaducktion. None of the 5 teams (A-TOM-MIK, Screamer, 5 More Minutes, Finders Keepers, Oh Baby and Cannonball Runner)using the scores from this event placed in the top 10 and gained any momentum toward 1st place in the overall: Team A-TOM-MIK remains in the runner up position while Silver Junkies has a shot at 1st or Runner up if they do well in the Fall KOTL event coming soon. Looks like it will go down to the wire again in the second annual Championship Series !

8/12/18: The King of Kings August event concluded recently and congratulations to the Canadian Team Peak Flow for the Uge' win on the North Shore! Team Silver Junkies placed high as well and jumped up in placement points. No other teams moved up in points from using this event.

7/30/18: The Sodus Pro Am concludes and congratulations to COLD STEEL for the win. 5 More Minutes placed 2nd and Screamer 4th. The latter two moved up in the overall standings, however, Team Vision Quest is still in 1st with 3 events left.

7/22/18: Oswego Pro Am

6/18/18: The King of Kings event concluded Saturday. Congrats to the local Canadian Team Reel Action on wining the 25K 1st place and also to the top 10. (9) of the 10 check winners in the Toronto based event were Canadian Teams this year. Reel Excite, VQ, Oh Baby and Silver Junkies all were between 14th and 24th place and did not impact the standings much. Oh Baby and Reel Excite are basically out of the chase after this one. With several events left, team VQ still holds 1st place.

6/13/18: The Orleans Open concluded last weekend and congratulations goes out to Yankee Troller for winning. Cannonball Runner entered the heat recently and finished the best of the teams using this one. Reel Excite, and 5 More Minutes were the only other teams who chose to use this event. 1st place VQ did not have this as a pick.

The next event is the June King of Kings event at Bluffers Park Marina. 4 of the 9 teams entered will be using this event as one of their picks.

6/6/18: The Niagara Pro am is all over for 2018 and congratulations goes out to Wet Net Charters on his 1st Pro Am win in Niagara. Prior to this event, we had a few more entries inth the Series ! Other top finishers that are in the overall were Vision Quest who finished 3rd and still maintains 1st place because has (3) events completed.

The next event will be the Orleans County Open being held June 9/10 out of Oak Orchard and Bald Eagle Marinas.

5/21/18: The Wilson Harbor concluded and Team A-TOM-MIK won-congrats to Tom and the team. Team Vision Quest placed 5th and moved into 1st place currently. Team Oh Baby is in second place but these will change with each event. Next event is the Niagara Pro Am.

5/4/18: The Lake O series kicked off in St. Caths' at the spring KOTL. Over 60 teams competed in this years event and it went very well except Mother Nature denied us on Day 2 with big winds, snow and cold temps from the NW. That makes 3 years in a row this event turned into a one day shootout. Congrats to Silver Junkies for winning the event followed by Two Fish and Vision Quest. Reel Excitement finished 5th and Oh Baby 41st. Oh Baby, VQ, Reel Excite and Silv J were all entered at the time this event took place and these are the 4 teams currently in DI as of this writing.

Fishing was pretty tough there as only 12 out of 63 took their 5 fish boxes to the scales. Last year, it was a shootout with many 12 fish boxes. Every year is a different gig, that for sure.

Next event will be the Wilson Harbor Invitational on May 19th. Teams must enter by 11:59pm of May 18th to enter and must choose all their events (except second chance) by then.

2/5/18: With the recent announcement of the return of the Fairhaven Challenge, we will be adding that to the Division II choices sometime this week.

1/24/18: A new sponsor for this year's event: Diabolical Meat Rigs has agreed to provide some product for the DI and DII divisions this year.

1/22/18: We welcome back Dreamweaver Lure Mfg. again as one of our main sponsors. DW continues to support events on the Great Lakes and also provides innovative quality fishing products. Try to support our sponsors and those manufacturers who support our passion and sport!

1/8/18: The Niagara Pro Am has also agreed to use our team registration system in 2018. GLSE hopes more tournaments will follow suit in an effort to bring more attention to our sport and tournament competition.

GLSE is rolling out our Division II, which will include 10 events. Some are the same events that will qualify in Division I. This will allow for greater participation, from a variety of anglers and skill levels all accross Lake Ontario.

Also, we are clarifying that if you are choosing the Niagara Pro AM (Division II), you will need to participate in both Saturday and Sunday of that event. This will be noted on the registration and will only be $100 still. This will be consistent with the AM divisions in both Sodus and Oswego then. By fishing both days, you are eligible for the west end AM Cup also as part of the Niagara Pro AM event.

Last years Blog starts below:

3/13/17: Kevin and I are excited about this new championship series and we hope it generates some new excitement for you tournament junkies. This is really the first championship series which involves every major tournament on Lake Ontario and will allow both Canadians and US participation.

With a prettty inconsistent and mile winter, everyone is anxious to see how the fishing will be when the tourney season kicks off in St. Catherines. For you anglers that have yet to try this fishery and event, its worth doing. Each year, it seems different from the last and you never know what to expect with regard to the fish, fishing locations and whether one will need to figure on putting a couple coho in their box, just in case. I know that its the first one on Lake Ontario and everyone is teeming with excitement and anticipation.

Yvan is once again expecting increased participation and hopes to break the 60 team mark this year.

04/10/17: Spring KOTL is going to be grandfathered in because our Champinship Series was presented in April, all teams will have the option to use the Spring KOTL event scores upon registration. However, you must register that event prior to midnight the day before the Wilson Harbor event. After midnight, teams will NOT be able to use the spring KOTL scores.

Hope to see you at the Spring KOTL in April.

04/20/17: Welcome aboard Dreamweaver, Fish Hawk Electronics, Northwest Savings Bank, Burger King, and Wilson Harbor as sponsors so far. Currently, Kevin and I are working on some additional sponsors for this year.

Yvan says that the Spring KOTL has about 50 teams entered so far with the hopes for a few late entries. 50 teams makes for a great event and payout. Now, it becomes a weather and fish factor.

Fish Hawk is working on a new prototype FH unit which will be tested in 2017. Trevor is ALWAYS has his thinking cap on. Cant wait to test it this summer.

Shane Ruboyianes is rumored to be working on acouple different sizes of Whirley Gigs-Lake Trout killers. The current WG has become very popular and is catching on. You just have to try these unique LT catching machines !

For anyone not using Northwest Savings Bank, you might be missing out on THE most customer friendly bank in PA or NY. I have tried 2 others and they were benched. NWSB is a people friendly small bank with big guns. If you are unhappy with your current bank, don's hesitate to try NWSB.

Congratulations to Yankee Troller for the spring KOTL win. Looks like Team Yankee is starting out hot again and making his wet spot on the tree. :) He takes the early lead in the championship series.

Fishing was very good for most teams at this years event held in St. Catharines; ONT. Many fish were caught. It was a bummer that day 2 was cancelled due to high winds predicted from the north east. Yvan made a good call in announcing the decision early which allowed teams to get home early.

Reminder for any teams wishing to use their spring KOTL scores or the WHI scores: teams must be registered into this series by midnight of the WHI. Otherwise, you cannot use the grandfathered in scores from the spring KOTL or the second event in the series-the Wilson Invitational.

Good luck to the teams in this years Wilson Haror. I hear there are about 48 teams in X $ 1,500 entry fee which should make a great payout for someone !

5/16/17: WHI is in the books for 2017 and it was once again, pretty tough fishing after the NE winds ruined Thursday prefishing and changed things for Friday.

Congratulations to Tom Allen and his Team A-TOM-MIK for winning the WHI. I know first hand how hard and how much of a salmon junkie Tom is and it was no fluke he pulled it off. He stayed out all day in Thursdays beastly water and then fished another long day Friday trying to dial in a program. Tom and his team gained some big points in the LOCS just like Yankee Troller did because of the win and amount of boats in those events.

Next event is the Niagara Pro Am- NY States longest running salmon and trout team tournament.

5/18/17: Welcome Team Thrillseeker to the LOCS. Vince has won just about every overall on Lake O and is a threat to win any event he enters.

5/23/17: Congratulations to Team Screamer for taking this years Niagara Pro Am. Dave was fishing with an all star team consisting of guys from Oswego, where they know how to grind. They did not have to grind here and boxed out early during the two tournament days. One day was cancelled due to strong NE winds (good call Penny-Niagara tourney director). Dave opted out of this years LOCS but two back to back high finishes would have put him in agreat position for this years event.

Team Vision Quest finished the best overall for teams in this years LOCS by taking 4th place in the Niagara and it put them in an early 1st place position with 7 more events to go.

Next event will be the Oak Orchard Open, always a good event with a lot of participation. There is still plenty of time for teams to get in on this years overall championship.

6/17/17: The Orleans Open concluded Sunday and it was a very warm and "breezy" day. Fishing was a grind for most but Team Cannonball Runner with Captain Ed Monette at the helm was victorious by putting two consistent days together. This win has a special meaning for Ed as well as myself because Ed had a very close and personal call with the grim reaper and he was blessed to come out of it alive. He's still nowhere 100% but his perserverance in life as well as last Saturday and Sunday proved he can win despite tough conditions both on and off the water. Congratulations again Eddy.

Ed happens to be in the GLSE overall championship and that makes 3 winning teams in this years overall. It will be interesting to watch as the tourney season progresses. Vision Quest#10 was the only other team in the overall/Orleans that finished in the top 10.

Next event is the spring (June) Tight Lines on June 17th. So, its not to late for Canadian teams to get in with two Tight Lines, one Fall KOTL event scheduled for Canada. However, teams must be officially registered before midnight oh June 17th to qualify. Also, there is still time for east end teams with 3 events still left.

6/19/17: Congrats to Fish 4 Tails for the June King of Kings Tight Lines win in Toronto this past Saturday. 51 teams participated. Team Vision Quest took 3rd and moved up in rankings and used his last "chosen" score with his second chance still in the air. The other teams in the overall did not place well in this one. However, the east end events are kicking in during July where there are two teams with initial 1st place finishes that are coming into play. By the end of July, we will have alittle better picture of the contenders, however the overall champion may not be decided until the fall KOTL concludes-going to be interesting !

Next event scheduled will be the Oswego Pro-Am folowed by the Sodus Pro Am.

7/11/17: Congratulations to Tall Tails for winning the Oswego Pro Am. The water was rough and tough as usual in OZ'. The only other team that placed and was in the LOCS overall was the A-TOM-MIK/CBII team led by Tom Allen of OZ. They finished 5th in their own backyard.

Next on the list is Sodus Pro Am where the participation should be higher and the weather more stable. It seems like Sodus is usually calm, warm and sunny during this event.

So after 6 events, Team Vision Quest is still in the lead followed by Yankee Troller. However, several of the teams stil have yet to fish their 3rd event or more.

Stay tuned because this will go down to the wire!

7/18/17: Sodus Pro Am concludes and congratulations goes out to Cold Steel/Dirty Goose for their win. They were not competing in the Overall but Teams: Thrillseeker took 5th, Cannonball Runner 6th and Team A-TOM-MIK/CBII took 9th. That ended in some turnover in the overall standings because the east end teams have now hit their 3rd event.

Team A-TOM-MIK/CBII takes over the no. 1 spot, while Cannonball Runner moves to the runner up position, just (1) point ahead of Vision Quest. All of the teams except Thrillseeker have their "second chance" left and MUST enter that before midnight of the event they wish to claim as second chance. Yankee Troller which started with a 1st place win in April still has (2) left and his second chance, so as stated above, it will go down to the last event here.

8/11/17: King of Kings Summer Shoot Out concludes and congratulations goes out to Team Diabolical from Michigan for the big win. The only teams participating in this one were: Yankee Troller, Thrillseeker and Fast Lane.... Yankee picked up the pace in the overall by placing 6th and earning 90 points. That has helped him move into 2nd place, just 7 points behind Team CBII/A-TOM-MIK. Teams Thillseeker and Fastlane did not place high enough to make a difference.

Next event on the tour is the A-TOM-MIK Invitational. Let's see if any teams can make a move in this event being held in Oswego, NY. Those participating teams include: CBII/A-TOM-MIK, Cannonball Runner and Thrillseeker.

8/22/17: The A-TOM-MIK invitational is in the books and congratulations goes out to Oh' Baby for winning the event. Team Thrillseeker was the only team of the 3 that had stakes in it that made a move by using that score. Team Thrillseeker placed 6th and earned 90 points. Cannonall and BCII only earned 54 and 56 points, which did not advance them. At the end of this one, the scores remain unchanged and CBII/A-TOM-MIK and Yankee Troller hold the 1st place and runner up positions.

The fall KOTL is the last event in the series. And as predicted, will come down to this event. Team Vision Quest is going all in with their second chance , while Yankee and Fast Lane are already entered in these events. As we see it, if Yankee finishes 8th place or higher they replace CBII and if VQ finishes 4th or higher, they replace CBII (unofficially) as well which means ultimately, it may be between these three teams for the overall championship and runner up position. It will be an exciting finish and CBII/A-TOM-MIK will be watching anxously from Oswego for the final scores to come in on September 3rd. Good luck to everyone.

Again, the GLSE would like to thank this years sponsors: Dreamweaver, Fish Hawk, Northwest Savings Bank, and the Wilson Boat Yard.

Stay tuned....

The 1st annual GLSE Lake Ontario Championship Series has concluded for 2017 and as predicted, went down to the last event. Team Vision Quest needed to place 4th place or higher in order to win and did just that by winning the Fall King of The Lake event held in Canada this past weekend. Team VQ entered that last event as their "second chance" event and it paid off. Runner up was Team A-TOM-MIK/CBII who maintained the lead most of the summer. They will receive a check also for this years series.

Congratulations to Team VQ and Tom Allen's A-TOM-MIK team.

Look for updates and announcements this off season and look forward to next years 2nd annual series.

12/9/17: Tournament season will be here soon and we are very excited about the new year ahead. In 2018, we will be amending the rules slightly for the LOCS. The only rule change is lowering the initial allowable tournament choice from a maximum of 5 to now a maximum of "4".

The Wilson Harbor Invitational has come on board with us and is allowing us to host their web page and also handle their registrations. We hope more will follow in 2018.


Captain Pete

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