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Great Lakes Anglers and Stakeholders:

We are excited for season three of the Lake Ontario Championship Series. LOCS is the premiere championship series event for all of Lake Ontario.

Great Lakes Special Events was formed in early 2017 for the purpose of showcasing the unique fresh water angling opportunities on the Great Lakes, while supporting and promoting the many tournaments on Lake Ontario and eventually on Lake Erie.

Our first project is the introduction of “The Lake Ontario Championship Series”, which is an international salmon and trout fishing championship held lake wide. We also hope to unite the salmon and trout trolling team tournament and fishing community with this overall champonship.

In January of 2018, we started Division II of our series and guaranteed a $5,000 minimum pay out for DI and $2,500 min. for DII. Congratulations to Team Vision Quest for taking DI and 5 More Minutes for taking DII.

In 2019, we will be keeping DI the same with exception of the $5,000 guaranteed payout. In 2019, it will be $1,000 cash plus the 70/30 split from entries. The DII changes will be as follows: eliminating the entry fees and lowering the guaranteed payout to $ 500 in cash and $ 500 in sponsor product to the overall winner while the runner up will receive $300 in sponsor product and $200 cash.

Throughout the 2000’s we have watched our sport both grow in popularity and innovation. Tournament fishing slowly became all the rage and allowed Captains young and old to compete not only for cash but bragging rights as well.  Over the years, teams honed their techniques, competitors purchased bigger and faster machines, and the level of excitement increased with each new event announced.  Our Lake Ontario tournament schedule grew from 5 or 6 main events to 10 events not including many of the club tournaments and one day smaller shoot outs. With so many options suddenly available, many teams felt they no longer needed to travel or absorb the additional cost to get their “competitive” fix.  So, participation in an overall lakewide champion became less desirable.   The once sought after and desired Lake Ontario Championship Cup lost interest over the years and was not inviting to Canadian anglers.

Our second objective is to attempt to unite many of the major tournaments on Ontario and Erie through a centralized web site.  This site will be a one stop shopping center for those events that wish to be part of it.  The site will also feature videos and manufacturer’s content for the anglers view.


Great Lakes Special Events

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